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Sometimes, all you need is a little perspective

I recently got back from a trip to the magical island of Bali. WOW is all I can say. What a little piece of heaven.

Before visiting Bali, I hadn’t been outside of Japan for a whole year and was just coming out of what seemed to be the longest Winter ever. Honestly it felt like about 7 months of cold (and that’s rain and wind cold). I don’t do well in this kind of weather, perhaps its because I grew up in the ever sunny and humid Durban. My body, mind and soul just doesn’t like it.

Living in Japan has taught me many things about myself and the greater world (more in another post), but the feeling that I felt when I stepped off that plane was indescribable. I was eagerly greeted by my best friend who was jumping around in excitement, where I could barely lift my arm to wave hello. I have felt as though the energy and life force has been sucked out of me whilst living in Tokyo; everything is so rigid and orderly in Japan, and like any big city people can seem cold and detached.

I felt a sense of relief after arriving in that new environment – the air felt lighter, the people friendlier and after a few days I was back to my old self. It was as if the chains had been taken off and I was FREE. I’ve obviously been feeling very trapped whilst living in Japan, it’s the land of extremes and it’s hard to just be yourself here (everyone wears this ‘mask’ so you never know what’s real). Ofcourse there are many great things too, but as the law of nature prescribes, everything has its opposite (this case in extremes)… I think I prefer the middle ground.

Bali was absolutely blissful. I had several deja vu moments whilst there, so I’m sure I’ve been there before in a past life. We spent many days on various beaches, and also headed up to Ubud… rice fields, temples, full body massages, yoga and medicine men! A holiday to remember and also a little perspective…. reminding me of my true nature, the things I value most (love, family, friendship) and to remember to bring a little lightness and fun into our everyday lives. After all, this is the magical school called life, we might as well enjoy every moment of it.


  1. My feelings were identical to yours re: Japan and Bali. Now, back in Japan, it’s difficult to readjust. How’d you handle it?

  2. Hi Val, wow I wrote this about 2 years ago! Well I am now living in Taiwan and feel a great sense of enjoyment & freedom here. However, I am planning on returning to Japan next year as I feel that there are things there that I still need to learn, and I actually miss it a lot!

    I know now what I need to do to stay grounded and centered in that environment. If you are living in Tokyo, you’ll know it can get crazy at times, ayurvedically its a very Vata environment, so its important for us to stay grounded. At the time, I was strictly vegetarian, when I added a little chicken it helped. Also now I know how important it is for me to spend time in nature everyday, especially in a place like Tokyo. Luckily the Japanese love beauty and there are many beautiful parks/green areas you can wander. Meditating everyday helps, or is essential, I find too.

    I think for me I got really stuck in working too much and not having enough fun. I will make sure I nurture friendships and look for the deeper connection this time round. As you know sometimes you can feel really alone in Japan. You can have lots of ‘friends’ but never really know them.

    And of course yoga! I can recommend some good studios in Tokyo if you’re interested…?

    I think what I really realised when I left was that I didn’t appreciate it for what it was at the time, and thats allowed me to really appreciate where I am now. But there is something very special about Japan, the mystical land, so many contrasts and intricacies, it keeps pulling me back.

    Hope this helps, so to sum up: make sure you’re eating a wholesome diet, find connection – with yourself (yoga, meditate), spend time in nature to recharge (parks, mountains, water), and have a little fun :) Sounds simple but something we have to work at. I think island getaways are good too!

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