Letting Go
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Day 2: Accepting what is

Today I really wanted to go to tai chi, I mean REALLY wanted to go. But I couldn’t – I’ve had glandular fever for the past few months and symptoms seem to vary dramatically day-to-day. I was so excited because I haven’t been able to do any exercise at all and the idea of some movement was super appealing.

Anyway, one thing I have learnt through this ordeal is the value in accepting what is, which doesn’t mean giving up and wallowing in negativity. It simply means “ok I feel like this today but it is going to pass and I will feel better soon”. I can reach for a better feeling place (even if that’s just a feeling of hope) and I can remember what it feels like to be well and healthy and energetic. I can imagine myself doing cartwheels on the sand and swimming in the ocean and having fun with my friends… I can almost feel it.

It’s about finding that place of non-resistance instead of fighting against my body and hating it for not performing as I’d like. Because as the universal law states, that which you resist persists.

So for now I’ll imagine myself in sirsasana and be happy with that :)



  1. lindaheenan says

    Thank you for beautiful blog. It helps one not to lose hope xxx

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