Letting Go
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Day 6: Getting into the flow


Today’s post is inspired by a special friend of mine who has been through a lot of change lately. In fact, this seems to be a pattern in many people’s lives, including my own.

So how can we calm ourselves in these overwhelming times and learn to let go of the reins a bit?

First, we have to accept what is, knowing that we won’t feel this way forever and things will change soon enough. And then they’ll change again. And again.

Isn’t that the beauty of life? We can view the unknown from a place of fear or we can embrace it and feel excited about the future, knowing that there’s a reason we are going through whatever we are going through right now, and in the end it all works out for the greater good.

So instead of fighting and resisting, we learn to accept things as they are and imagine them as we’d like them to be.

We meditate.

We move – yoga, chi kung or a walk on the beach (whatever feels good to you).

We breathe, and I mean really breathe – full deep yogic breaths through the nostrils, right down into the belly.

We allow ourselves to get into the flow of life in this very moment and reach for a place of ease within ourselves.

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