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I’m a falcon, let me fly!


My amazing homeopath, Dr Wayne Saul has been treating me for the last few months trying to find a cure for my glandular fever (which is essentially an outer projection of some deep-seated condition). We seem to have finally found the right remedy.. it appears that I’m a raptor, the falcon tinnunculus!

According to Dr Jonathan Hardy, “Bird remedies are very new in homeopathy, they have only been proved in the last few years. Medicines are prepared from the feather, claw or blood of the bird since any part contains the essence of the whole.”

General themes of Bird Remedies include (some/all of these can be found in cases requiring bird remedies):

Lightness – being light, immaterial, out of the body. Patients can be light in the sense of being free of psychological baggage, they are people who let go of past problems and antagonisms.

Freedom – there can be a strong sense of being free or on the other hand  a deep feeling of being trapped by their circumstances and a very great desire for freedom, personal space or to get into the country, be in the mountains or nature.

Caring – they take very seriously both the emotional and physical wellbeing of their loved ones.

Danger – feelings of persecution, danger and of being attacked may relate to the fact that a number of the bird remedies which have been proved have been persecuted, especially birds of prey.

Injustice – there is a strongly developed sense of injustice, an aversion to the mistreatment of others, to authority and mistreatment in general.

Sympathy – patients have a strongly developed sense of sympathy. With a deep intensity, they feel not only for the suffering of humans but also of animals and are greatly pained by the destruction of the natural environment.

Forsaken – there is a strong feeling of being rejected, deserted and isolated.

Clairvoyance – patients may be extremely intuitive, their physical senses may be heightened too, with very acute vision and hearing.

Music – there is a love for music and an aptitude in creating it. Patients have a tendency to sing and whistle.

Preening – there are often complaints concerning quite trivial symptoms (e.g. minor skin blemishes, slight problems with the hair or fingernails).

Physical activity – they love to be outdoors in the fresh air, and are often very good sports people.

Apetite – may be ravenous and constant.

Awkwardness – a patient can sometimes be clumsy with a tendency to drop things or bump into them.

Travel – there is a desire to travel associated with an inquisitive nature, a desire for learning, knowledge and understanding.

(Ref: Homeopathy Planet)

…Yip that’s me!


Homeopathy continues to fascinate me. I like the fact that it’s an energy-based medicine that gets to the root of the problem and has the power to transform deep-seated issues that allopathic medicine just doesn’t come close to. It’s based on the premise that all living beings are animated by a vital force and when it is disturbed illness follows. I can only hope that people start seeking answers for their illnesses themselves instead of relying on modern society’s view of what’s best for treating them. There is also great value and overlapping themes in the ancient disciplines of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), of which we can benefit immensely.


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