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Just Do One Thing


(Art print by Kyle Andrews)

“I just can’t meditate lately. I’m over thinking things and my mind is a mess,” I found myself saying to a friend (aka Jacob/healer/all-round-amazing person) yesterday. I know that what I really need to be doing is meditating so that I can quieten my mind but it’s just not happening for me lately. And trust me I have tried.

I have this ever-increasing list of things that I want to do every day but just can’t seem to get to, including:

– spend 40 minutes walking in nature (one day I’ll be running)

– practice yoga

– meditate for 15 minutes

– spend time in rampages of appreciation and do focus wheels (Abraham Hicks)

– blog

– spend time visualising

I want to do all of these things but in essence I’m actually doing nothing. And so as I was explaining this to my amazing friend Jacob, he reminded me to take things slow… slow… slow. One step at a time.

And in his words of wisdom, he said, “For tomorrow, just put your walking shoes next to your bed.”





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