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Let’s Play


(Nazario Graziano Studio)

“If we see a child who is two or three, we find a free human. Why? Because this human does whatever he/she wants to do. The human is completely wild. Just like a flower, a tree, or an animal that has not been domesticated – wild!

And if we observe two year olds, we find that most of the time these humans have a big smile on their face and they’re having fun. They are exploring the world. They are not afraid to play. They don’t worry about the past, don’t care about the future, and only live in the present moment.

Very young children are not afraid to express what they feel. They are so loving that if they perceive love, they melt into love. They are not afraid to love at all. That is the description of a normal human being. Our normal human tendency is to enjoy life, to play, to explore, to be happy, and to love.”

– don Miguel Ruiz (The Four Agreements)

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  1. lindaheenan says

    That is so beautiful and so true. They are so pure and innocent xxx

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