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Sweet Sweet Coconut


I keep on telling my friends how amazing coconut oil is and how they must start using it. But the question begs… why?

So what’s so great about Coconut Oil?

Well it appears that not all oils are created the same.

Coconut oil consists almost entirely of healthy medium-chain saturated fatty acids (MCFAs), which do not negatively influence blood cholesterol. Yes, I said do not negatively influence blood cholesterol! These MCFAs are used primarily as a source of energy in the body (we metabolise these fats in the liver, immediately converting them into energy rather than storing as fat), which in turn helps to increase our metabolism.

Also Coconut Oil consists of roughly 50% lauric acid which has proven anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-prozotoal properties.  YES let’s kill those parasites, viruses and candida!


What will it do for you?

1. Assists in weight control – According to Body & Soul, research shows that coconut oil consumption reduces abdominal fat and protects the body from insulin resistance.

2. Eases digestion – including bloating, IBS, etc. and helps to kill off yeast, bacteria and parasites.

3.  Supports immunity

4. Boosts metabolism

5. Reduces sugar cravings – I’ve found this to be especially true. This is because good quality fat is more satiating than carbs and when we feed our bodies correctly they don’t cry out in hunger.

(Source: Body & Soul)

A Myriad of Uses

For 101 uses check out Wellness Mama’s excellent post.

Here’s how I get my daily fix:

– I add it to smoothies (a tablespoon will do)

– I use it for cooking (Because it’s a MCFA, it has a higher smoking temperature than most oils and  is therefore ideal for cooking) and in salads. Can also be used in place of regular oil in baking.

– I use it as a body moisturiser daily (it absorbs easily, smells oh-so-good and is free from all the bad stuff that’s in store-bought lotions)

– Also great as a moisturising hair mask (as we know Indian ladies have been using this for centuries)


Of course its essential to buy unrefined virgin Coconut oil. I use the Crede brand – I buy the 1 litre  tub (its about R150) available at health shops and Everfresh. I see you can buy some odorless varieties, I’m not sure what the difference is nutritionally, but I prefer to buy it in it’s most natural state. Enjoy :-)


  1. YES YES YES…….I love it. It’s everything you say. There is litle education about this wonderful oil so thanks for posting this.

  2. lindaheenan says

    First thing on my list this morning is to pop into Lifestyle Health and to get my jar of coconut oil! Thank you for reminding me of all the amazing benefits. Lovely interesting blog as always xxx

  3. I love it too and thankfully I can get a organic virgin coconut oil here in Mexico. I used it on my baked potato yesterday in place of olive oil and it was superb! I used it also as a body moisturizer but stopped because I found that it takes a while for it to be absorbed into my very dry skin. I got the idea the other day from the angelic realm to spread the oil over my dry skin before entering the shower. They said the warm water would help it to penetrate. They have also told me not to use soaps on my skin, just pure water. They tell me humans are obsessed with cleaning and our bodies do not need it! ♥ ♥

    • I think thats true… all these soaps and beauty products are so full of chemicals anyway. I’m going to try applying the coconut oil before showering… sounds like a treat. Thanks :)

      • Sam I wanted to give you some advice to help with candida. Use tea tree oil in your bath or make a douche with it. I honestly don’t know why women don’t follow the French tradition of douching… :) It really works! If you are in South Africa at the moment then find someone who will supply you with Sh’zen products – their Spa Additive is fabulous for clearing candida. ♥

      • Thanks for the advice Debbie. I think I’m all clear now (thankfully!), but have a friend who is battling with it so will tell her. I do love tea tree… so useful for so many ailments isn’t it?

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