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Just Like That


Can it really be that simple?

I’ve been thinking a lot about beliefs lately and how they shape our reality. I think that we overcomplicate things all the time as humans.

Last Tuesday morning I was feeling rather glib and as I was driving along I thought to myself, I can change how I feel right now. I really can. I just need to make a conscious decision. I can choose to feel miserable and have my whole day play out like this or I can choose to feel good. So I put on some happy tunes and sang my little heart out all the way to my morning meeting.

Needless to say my whole day turned out a lot better than it started out. And driving home I realised that it’s kind of hard to feel depressed on such a dam fine and perfect sunny day in Durbs, who would’ve thought its Winter time.

I guess that’s the secret right – the power is in the present.

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