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(Ha) + (Tha)

People often confuse yoga for some sort of religion. They couldn’t be more wrong. It is in fact, as Yogi Bikram Choudhury states, “the science of living life correctly so that we can get to that point , our ultimate destination.”

So why does Mr Bikram refer to it as the science of life?

“Science helps us understand the physical world. Yoga helps us understand not just the physical body but also the mind and the Spirit. Yoga helps us understand nature; and nature helps us understand the voice of our spirit, or God.”

The Symmetry of Hatha

Hatha Yoga refers to the practice of yoga asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing exercises) and relaxation.

In Sanskrit, Ha means ‘Sun’ and Tha means ‘Moon’.

Isn’t that just perfection in itself?

I’ve known this truth for a long time, but I love the way Bikram expresses it so simply and aptly in his book, Bikram Yoga. Let me share it with you…

“In nature there is a strong symbiotic movement between the Sun and the Moon, a balance between these two powerful astronomical forces. Every two weeks we alternate between a full moon and a new moon. Out of the Sun’s and the Moon’s alternating forces comes energy (prana). This life force animates our planet. During the time of the full moon, for example, the energy of every human being’s body is drawn up by this intensified gravitational pull. This especially affects people who have less energy, like the old, whom are less able to physically resist the pull of the moon and may experience aches and pains.


So as you can see, the union between the Sun and the Moon maintains the balance of life on earth. This marriage also reflects and maintains the perfect symmetry of the human body. Think about it: we have two arms, two legs, two eyes, two kidneys. So many parts of the human body are symmetrical and dual. Why? Balance. One part, or region, belongs to the Sun, and one to the Moon – Ha and Tha. Balance means health. Yoga creates balance; and that’s how it heals. Disease is an imbalance, often of body chemistry – a bio-chemical imbalance. ” (excerpted from Bikram Choudhury’s book, Bikram Yoga)

This is what keeps me getting back onto my mat. That is why it feels so good. Every asana, every pranayama, every kriya yoga technique has been perfectly devised over thousands of years to have very specific healing effects on the body (mind and soul).

My yoga practice has changed ALOT over the last few years. When I first started practicing, I couldn’t touch my knees, let alone my toes. As I progressed I got better and eventually completed a Teacher Training in 2009. Today, my yoga holds a different form than it did a few years ago, but everyday it teaches me something. Ok, time to get on the yoga mat.



  1. beautiful post..the ancients practiced yoga to “merge” with the universe, that is, the all-permeating spirit of the universe, which is of the Divine. The original yoga is prayer and worship. That form of yoga is what i practice and i love it! :) enjoy your practice and thanks for the inspiring words :) Namaste, shanti.

    • We seem to have lost the essence of this beautiful practice. If only we realised that the whole all-pervading universe lies within, waiting to be unlocked.
      Thanks for sharing & enjoy your practice :)

      • absolutely! the essense of the intention is to come to know the Divine and to experience oneness in a merged consciousness state. yoga is beautiful! plz enjoy your travels and be safe! Namaste.

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