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The Power of ‘Shreem’


I’ve started doing my daily mantra meditation again and it feels good. Having experimented with  different mantras over the years, I seem to be pulled back to the one that my guru Christine (beautiful yogi and friend) gave me years ago. It was a gift offered to me after I completed by Yoga Teacher Training in 2008.

At the time I was told that we shouldn’t share our special mantra with anyone as it would lose its power (I think this is traditional TM meditation practice), but I feel that the mantras are universal and all-powerful, so why can’t they be shared? We are, after all, one.

What is Mantra Chanting

Simply put, each mantra represents a certain sound frequency (energy) that dates back to ancient times. Mantras work on the principle of ‘like attracts like’, so the more you chant a specific mantra, the more those qualities will be developed in you. Mantras are vibrations, and as we know, we are made of energy, each vibrating at a different frequency – mantras have the power to change that frequency.

The Power of Shreem

The Shreem mantra is related to the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi (aka the goddess of prosperity, wealth, purity, generosity, and the embodiment of beauty, grace and charm).


David Frawley explains it beautifully, “Shreem is a special seed sound indicating creativity, blessings, grace, surrender, and peace. It reflects the energy of the moon, the feminine nature, receptivity, and the power of Lakshmi, the force of Divine abundance and prosperity. Repeating this mantra allows the blessings and beneficence of Shreem, Lakshmi and all that the mantra represents to enter into the core of your being.”

How to Practice

It is best to chant the mantra 108 times, and the easiest way to keep count is to use a set of mala beads. I use simple rudraksha beads which I bought in India. They are said to be the best to meditate with, but other options are fine too (sandalwood, glass, etc.). The important thing is that it has 108 beads.

To start, simply sit in a comfortable position (back straight), close your eyes and bring your awareness inwards. Start with a few deep belly breaths and perhaps three Oms.

Then begin breathing naturally, without control, and watch your breath for a while. Feel yourself inside your body.

When you are ready, place your beads in your hands and begin repeating the Shreem mantra to yourself silently in your head (or aloud if you prefer).

Simply let your mind rest in the Shreem sound.

Before I begin chanting I usually set an intention, for example “I offer this mantra up to Goddess Lakshmi (an element of the divine), Mother Earth, Guides, Angels and my Higher Self. My these qualities be embodied in me and all“. I then begin chanting and when I’m finished I give thanks for all of the abundance and love in my life. I try to feel it, and also get a little more specific sometimes (for example, you can consider the blessings of abundance that you would like to bring into your life, into your relationships or into the world around you).


Sometimes I do two round of 108.

I then sit in meditation for a few more minutes, and feel the atmosphere around me shift.

Why Chant?

You can feel the difference. I can see things shift, inwardly and outwardly. I see more beauty and abundance, love and friendships enter into my life.

More specifically, the Shreem mantra, “… is helpful when you are feeling stressed, over stimulated, or depleted. It is particularly good if Vata or Pitta dosha are elevated in your body or mind, with too much heat, movement, agitation, or hypersensitivity developing within you. The mantra Shreem also brings energy into the left side of the body, the feminine lunar side, and develops the corresponding nurturing qualities and creative powers within us. It is particularly good for women and has a softening affect upon the emotions.” (Ref: Chopra Centre)

Why not give it a try for a month? It could change your life :)

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  2. as says

    every time i tried this mantra, i gained money in an unethical way, when i stopped it, i lost money. i become suspicious this is a satanic mantra, i become suspicious hinduism and yoga and all these stuff, are satanic and related to jinnes or satan, otherwise why should i gain money unethical ways? for example, i was going to restaurant and the cashier was writing 0 dollar, i should have remind cashier to correct it. dont try what you dont know what is behind it

    • Hmmm.. perhaps its your belief about it that’s creating the negative circumstances…. Just a thought.

  3. Hello, SAM
    I was living in this God awful place and I discovered Shreem. After about 4 months of chanting Shreem while I visioned gold coins falling from the sun into my hands for about 10 min. a day. A relative passed away and left me 7 thousand dollars in gold coins. A problem can arise in some people if they think of money as evil or that they don’t believe they deserve it. Inelia Benz has a meditation to help with that. Great Site by the way Sheerm, Kleem, Blessings.

    • Namasthe says

      Please tell me other mantra if know and if books to read

    • I thought I replied to your comment ages ago. Must have got lost somewhere in WordPress land!
      Thats amazing re your gold coins.. just shows us the power of intention and attraction.
      Thanks for your kind words :)

  4. Namasthe says

    What a story all are you saying ? God bless every body on the earth . Thank you for sharing

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