Letting Go
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A Month Without Facebook

Well 7 days so far, and counting.

Inspired by Leo Babauta of Zen Habit’s “A Year of Living Without” blogs I decided to take on the challenge. He is one of my favorite bloggers and every month he writes a beautiful piece on something he’s lived without – be it sugar, sitting all day, restaurants, coffee or all day internet, every blog is insightful and inspiring.

I have had a break from Facebook once before but only lasted about a week until I was lured back in. There are of course some things that I love about Facebook, especially as an expat living abroad, but lately it’s felt more like an energy vampire than a friend.

This past week I have been super productive. I feel like I’ve had more time (and energy) to focus on things that I love doing or that I’ve wanted to start but have procrastinated over.

So far this week I’ve:

– started going to early morning chi kung classes in the park (followed by some yoga)

– started learning Chinese

– been blogging again

– got some of my email admin sorted

– had more time to daydream and brainstorm

It’s got me thinking a lot about attachment. Why do I feel like I need Facebook? Am I scared to be alone, really alone with myself, and do nothing? Am I feeding this attachment in other ways – like eating a whole bag of sickly sweet tea plums (and feeling fat)?

Hmm.. the answers are yet to be revealed.

Do you think you could survive a month without Facebook? Who knows, you could very well surprise yourself.


  1. Excellent blog Sam! I feel the same about facebook these days…. it’s become an energy vampire for me too, but my ego keeps driving me there.. My higher self just told me I need to release my ego or I can never be my true self. Maybe the first thing I need to do to release my ego is to release facebook. Thanks Sam! ♥

    • Sam says

      Haha… maybe :) Thanks for sharing Debbie. I’m not saying I’ll never use Facebook again, it just feels really good to not be on right now. Let’s see after a month!

  2. This is wonderful! I am going to check out that blogger.
    I feel the same way about my TV shows, I waste so much of my day sitting mindlessly in front of my laptop streaming the latest shows from the UK. When my internet busts, I usually find much better things to do with my time (write, walk, visit temples) but I still am desperate to get the TV shows back. Why is that?

    Thank you for this post, made me ponder! Lots of love x

    • It’s the ego which serves only your mind… Your heart would prefer it if you did something instead that fed your Soul, even if that was is gazing up at the clouds in appreciation :) ♥ ♥

    • I’m glad it made you ponder! Oh I also like to stream a good TV show, it can be a real treat (in moderation of course :-)

  3. Ni hao-bonjour from Toulouse, France! glad to have come across your awesome blog… I’ve been to Taiwan and Japan 4 times… I often miss them and I love these 2 countries to life and death…
    * * *
    my very best, stay healthy and serene! have a peaceful weekend & friendly thoughts, cheers! :) Mélanie

    • Bonjour Melanie! Thank you for your kind words, and wishing you a splendidly beautiful weekend too.

      Aaah, Asia.. it’ll do that to you. Indeed Japan and Taiwan are gems.

      Much love & light to you :)

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  5. Good for you!! I went without it for a month while I traveled in SE Asia and I noticed SO much more in life—the tiniest moments that would surpass me when I was glued looking down at my phone on my Facebook. I have now deleted Facebook off of my phone and definitely noticed I gained more energy. It’s so draining to read other people’s drama on Facebook! Nice post :)

    • Yeah so true! Im back on facebook now but also dont have it on my phone. Sometimes i long to delete my account again but it makes it harder keeping in touch, especially when living abroad .

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