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Hanging at ‘always a+’ Cafe

I love finding new cafes to hang out at, and since I’ve moved to my new hood, the Cultural Centre area in Kaohsiung, I’ve been lucky enough to come across many hidden little gems. I sometimes feel like I’m back in Japan and love it.

This morning I met my student at always a+ cafe, just 5 minutes up the road from my house. They offer brunch (open at 8am) and lunch sets – I had Korean kimchi style ramen and my student had Japanese udon noodles. Simply delicious and reasonably priced! It came with a choice of coffee, green or black tea.


I really like that there’s so much light inside the cafe and the counters provide an ideal workspace. And there is, of course, free wi-fi.

They also play great music (this morning was a repeat of The Lumineers album unplugged), at just the right volume.

I’ll most definitely be back for a visit soon.

If you want to check it out, here’s the address, it’s just off Zhongshan 2nd Road in Qianjin District.

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