Letting Go
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Update on ‘A Month Without Facebook’


So I did it, a whole month without Facebook, and to be honest it felt good.

It wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be and I was far more productive, focused on things that are important to me (as I mentioned in  my previous blog).

I felt freer and strangely more empowered.

Now I am back on Facebook, and already feel myself falling into old patterns again, and it’s only been a week. Hmmm…

The problem is it’s too easy to get sucked into looking at something and then suddenly an hour has gone and I’m browsing through people’s random lives, filling my mind with unnecessary clutter (a similar effect as watching too much TV). This ‘stuff” then subconsciously stays on my mind, and I woke up this morning realising I’d dreamt about someone I hadn’t seen since schooldays.

I don’t like this feeling of something having control over me, and I don’t want my mind unknowingly filled with other people’s crap.

So I should just delete my account and be done with it… right?

There are reasons however  that I’d like to still be on Facebook. So here goes Challenge 2 – I’ll limit myself to weekends only for a month.

Let’s see how that goes…


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  1. The thing about FB is that there are a lot of people on there with different energy and all vibrating at different frequencies… You are bound to feel uncomfortable especially as you’re becoming more sensitive to energy. I have the same problem, and not just with FB, with all the people I know actually. Like you said, FB does have it’s good points too, so I focus my attention on those but still, I have to limit my time on there.

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