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Wisdom from a Tree

I got chased out my apartment this morning by very loud drilling resonating from downstairs. There was just no way I could meditate at home, so I got dressed and headed out to the park. Even though I love meditating in the park, I was slightly annoyed.

So off I trotted and found a spot of shade under a big, beautiful tree that I often meditate near. As I was about to begin, I couldn’t help but be disturbed by the obvious traffic noise beside me. I considered moving deeper into the park but it was already very sunny and hot and not much shade available.

Then I thought maybe I should stick with this. I looked up at this big, sturdy tree in front of me and wondered how he manages to stay so calm amidst all the chaos. So strong, so serene, so steady. The complete opposite of me. I wanted some of that.

And then it hit me. There’s always that quiet, peaceful place within us. I know people often say that, but have you ever tried to access it? I’m always too scared.

I usually try to avoid noise at all costs. It disrupts me, irritates me and makes me feel uneasy.

Instead of running away today, I decided to sit with it. Sit with the noise. I allowed it to come into my consciousness and wash over me. It got louder and louder to an almost unbearable state, and then, it started to dissipate. It was still there but it was in the periphery, I could access my inner quiet – that steadiness. I continued to have one of the deepest meditations I’ve had in a while.

Life is full of unwanted noise. It comes at us from all angles, we just can’t avoid it. Running away won’t do it.

If you’re feeling like things are just too much today, there’s too much noise, too much stress, too much information. Take a moment and centre yourself (even if you have to go into the office bathroom to find a moment of peace). Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and connect. That part of you is always there, you just have to find it.


  1. Trees always fascinates me, they are calm and peaceful. Thanks for sharing this amazing post.

  2. What a profound teaching. Sometimes when mind noise is too much to endure I grab a big tree. There is a wash that comes over me. Nothing is as we see it. Thanks for sharing. I woke up with a nasty headache and have been watching myself trying to get away from it. You just reminded me to take another approach.

  3. Great article Sam. You don’t have to go looking far to find it. It is there waiting for you in your heart. ♥ ♥

  4. lindaheenan says

    Such a beautiful blog my darling. So inspiring and wonderful to be reminded of how to find peace, and you really don’t have to go far to find it. So true! Your blogs are always so beautifully honest and so thought provoking. Love you xx

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