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Organic Fare at Dry Goods Market

I love going to the Dry Goods Market just off Jianguo 3rd Road, it’s a real treat full of traditional fare and it’s cheap, cheap, cheap.

My Taiwanese friend introduced it to me months ago and I haven’t been back. I had some time to kill in the area this week so I took a stroll over and had a wander. I’m glad I did!

There is everything from different kinds of soy sauces, vinegars, coconut milk, grains, spices, dried fruit and nuts to candy, dried mushrooms and tea, lots of tea. And you can taste!


What I found this time though was an organic store, not everything is organic but a lot is. They have organic grains like barley, millet, quinoa (red & mixed variety), oats and different kinds of rices (even organic wild rice from the US that looks delicious). They are located quite far down the alley on the right I think.


The shop assistant said that lots of foreigners come there to buy grains and of course nuts. They have a selection of nuts in the fridge (even brazil nuts) that are 100% raw, no bad stuff added. I bought a mixed nut and dried fruit pack (with figs in!) for a very reasonable $NT200 and a dried apricot pack for $NT180 – they are delicious. I also bought some pure Japanese rice wine vinegar and dried mushrooms for cooking.

If you haven’t been down there yet it’s worth a trip, very centrally located near the Kaohsiung Main Train Station, but a bit further down Jianguo Road – here’s the address 0n Google Maps. It’s accessible just off Jianguo Road – you’ll see the main entrance.



  1. yt says

    The bag of mixed nuts looks great. Good thing they were in the fridge, though – I’m sure the humidity would ruin them since they’re unshelled.

  2. Nice! I’ll have to stop by next time I’m in the vicinities.

  3. lindaheenan says

    It looks amazing love, and so much choice. Love you xxx

  4. I love shopping in these markets. So many of their things…in fact most…..are so much less expensive than in a store. The smells are also wonderful.

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