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How to say ‘delicious’ in Chinese

‘Oishi’ in Japanese, ‘deliciex’ in French, ‘delicioso’ in Spanish…. easy right?

Not until you’ve tried it in Chinese… haha. Here my sweet cousin Tessa gives it a bash with a little help from our friend.




  1. lindaheenan says

    Oh my gosh, that was so funny and too adorable! Xxx

  2. Michael says

    I was told by some Chinese I live with who speak no English “delicious” is “mei wei da”” hao chi “does not mean delicious it means “good to eat” if you use google translate the app delicious comes out as “mei wei da” as well

  3. Michael says

    Delicious in mandarin is “mei wei da” not hao chi, “hao chi” means “good to eat “ google translate will tell you the same thing along with many Chinese I know

  4. Hi Michael, thanks for your comment.
    This was in Taiwan, and spoken by my 100% native Taiwanese friend who of course speaks fluent Mandarin. According to her, people use ‘hao chi’ to express ‘delicious, or if you prefer ‘good to eat’. I’m sure theres more than one way to say this.
    I usually don’t rely on Google Translate to give the best translation however, especially not the most natural one (ie. words spoken in everyday language).

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