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Where’s Home?

They say ‘home is where your heart is’, but what does that mean anyway? That ‘home’ is with the person or place you love the most?

I’ve had many physical homes on the path that I’ve chosen, enjoying the newness of setting up house in foreign lands. Of course, South Africa will always be my ‘home’, the place where I was born and where my family and friends reside.

But as I travel longer and longer on this path, I’m learning to find my home in my heart. Because ultimately isn’t that where all the love in the entire universe resides? Right here, inside my tiny little heart.

And the further I seem to travel, the closer I get to myself. Layers unfold, judgements melt, realisations occur, here, now.

Sometimes all I really want to do is squeeze someone I love, and I can’t, and that reminds me of my aloneness. But then I remember that life is transient, people come, people go, change occurs whether we like it or not. And all we really have is our tiny little hearts filled with love and powerful enough to create universes.

Isn’t that enough?

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Hi, I'm Sam. A girl with a curious heart, a love of the East and an inherent desire to explore. I'm on a quest to learn, love and grow more. Join me.


  1. I think it’s enough. As a traveler, and with all the new people you meet all over the world, you find out how big your heart can be, and that home’s with you always. You said it well.

    • Thanks and so true Val :)
      On another note I’m moving back to Japan next year.. are you in Tokyo?

      • Japan’s so special, it seems many people leave and come back. I’ve only two more weeks left in Tokyo, then it’s off to India for a month, then…visit to old “homes,” and a new home. It’ll be good to read about your impressions upon returning. :)

  2. You’re right, home is where your heart is, and where you will connect with the greater part of yourself, that is your true Home. I too have my birth home in this lifetime in South Africa, and even though I am now currently living in Mexico, I feel home is neither place. For Home isn’t a place, is a feeling, a deep love that comes with connecting to the Real YOU. There is a deep and abiding love there, one that can be referred to as your True Essence, your Counterpart and Complement. The One that has loved you since Eternity and will go on loving you for the rest of it. There is nothing that compares to that kind of love. No place or physical person will ever compare once you’ve experienced it. The heart is only the portal, the gateway if you like, that leads you there. And once you have found it, you will wonder how you ever lived without it. <3 <3 <3

  3. Bodhi Clown says

    I like the idea that home is not where our heart is, as the saying goes. But that home IS our heart, the center of our love, our loving, our ability to love, what we love. For as you said, all the love in the universe resides there, in mine, in yours, in everyone’s.

  4. Bodhi Clown says

    Reblogged this on Bodhi Clown and commented:
    Not ‘where our heart is’, but ‘IN our hearts…………..’

  5. Miss Oracle says

    For me home is at the centre of movement, I have a nomadic home, my heart is in three continents at the same time.

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