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Take Me To The Mountains (or ocean, or forrest)

I went for a hike up beautiful Shoushan this morning, or as us foreigners like to call it, Monkey Mountain. It reminded me to feel lucky; lucky enough to live in a country where I can easily access the beauty around me.

I think back to when I lived in South Africa. I really had it all, but didn’t quite know it. I lived on the beach. That’s right, literally the beach was across the road from my house. And I enjoyed hearing the waves crashing when I fell asleep and the cool sea breeze. I often even walked on the beach. But what I forgot to do, was get in the ocean.

I spent years and years denying myself the joy of swimming. Too scared to venture in, not because of great whites, but because I didn’t want to be seen.

Living in Taiwan has taught me to get in. I hike, I swim, I explore the beauty around me. I get excited about stuff. I stopped doing that back home, and I’ve realised it’s essential for my wellbeing. I can’t wait to get home these holidays and dive into that ocean and hike those mountains and appreciate every second of it.

The beauty is there already. We just have to go out and play.


  1. carol says

    Beautiful Samantha. It usually takes a long time to come to peace with yourself and what life has given you. Some people never come to peace, mostly because they are afraid and don’t want to try. You have done it and now there is no end to what you can achieve. Continue along this road.

  2. lindaheenan says

    That really is so beautiful my darling. I’m very proud of you xxx

  3. “I spent years and years denying myself the joy of swimming…” Can apply to so many things, and really resonated with me. We withhold so many things from ourselves, and when we look back, the reasons were do trivial.

    Such beautiful thoughts; reading this, the word “Yes!” kept coming to mind.

    • You are so right Val. So, so trivial when we look back.
      So happy this post resonated with you :-)

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