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Be Like A Butterfly

A wise friend once gave me some great relationship advice. He said, “Sam, you need a man who can see you are like a butterfly. Someone that allows you to flitter and flatter out into the world, do your thing, and then have a safe home to return to.”

Looking back I’d say he was spot on.

On my morning hike today, I was lucky enough to see some beautiful butterflies about, every kind of colour and size you can imagine. Moving effortlessly from flower to flower, dancing about, completely absorbed in the beauty of the moment, and then the next, and the next…

We can learn a lot from our dear little winged friends. They embody a feeling of playfulness, a lightness of being, joy, beauty and of course transformation. Symbolically they represent the world of the soul and remind us “not to take things too seriously and to get up and move”.

Mostly I think they remind us to be present, feel the beauty of the NOW and love every moment of it.

Find out more symbolically about these messengers of the moment HERE and HERE. 

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  1. lindaheenan says

    You are like a beautiful butterfly my darling. Love you xxx

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