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What To Do When The World Says No

The easiest option is of course to join in and say ‘no’ with them. To accept that you really aren’t that great and don’t deserve more. Of course you can’t have anything you want, I mean that’s ludicrous, it just doesn’t work like that. Go out, have that 2nd, 3rd, 4th beer or that double chocolate cookie and slip back into the hum drumness of everyday existence.

I don’t believe it has to be like this.

Most of us accept that a select few get to live their dreams. That they are blessed with luck and that things just come to them without much effort.

We believe that we can’t really follow our dreams – whether it’s starting that pottery business; making toy airplanes, or opening a specialist sweet shop – these are just fantasies that can’t be realised in the ‘real world’.

I think this is all bullsh*t. Excuse my French, but it had to be said.

Perhaps the real issue is that most of us just aren’t prepared to put in the effort. To apply ourselves daily to achieving our dreams, however simple or intricate they may be. Creating something great requires discipline. Taking the time every day, even if just for a short period, to focus energy on that which you wish to achieve.

The key lies in consistency. I’ve seen this in my own meditation practice for example. I started off small, a simple 5 minutes a day, and slowly over the years built it up. Of course it wasn’t always easy, but it was the consistency and starting small that enabled me to develop the practice.

And of course once we focus our attention on something, it expands. It seems to be that once you’re in the vibration of receiving, it’s much easier to see yourself receiving more, and more, and more.

Perhaps that’s why it looks so easy for some, but if we really want it and are prepared to put in the effort, we can do the work of champions.

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