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Into The Flow

Lately I’ve been trying to focus on being present. It comes in fleeting moments but these tiny moments are increasing a little day by day, and it feels good. When I feel a glimmer of doubt or fear or uncertainty about the future slip in, I try to remind myself that it simply originates from past experience and has no effect on the future. I bring myself back to the now. Instead of focusing on externals, I’m trying to live in a feeling state, observing how I feel and floating in the direction of positive emotion. As Esther Hicks (Abraham teachings) would say, it’s about going downstream, flowing with the current instead of resisting and fighting your way upstream. It’s allowing the unfolding of your desires to happen naturally. So instead of trying to plan too far ahead, I’m letting my emotions guide me and listening to subtle clues from the universe on where I’m supposed to be and what I’m supposed to be doing. Let’s see where it leads me :-)

Dear Yoga,

Oh how I’ve missed you. I’ve missed your sweet embrace, your warmth, your release. It’s been too long… It feels good to be back, even though it’s on new terms. Thank you for teaching me acceptance and how to let go – of my ego and my self-limiting beliefs. Thank you for teaching me patience. And for the gift of being present and totally at peace, breath by breath, moment by moment. Thank you for showing me my strength and my inherent ability to heal. Oh it feels good to be back :-)

Let Yourself Be Seen

I saw this talk by Brene Brown years ago, it’s such a beautiful message that I had to share. I’ve always known that I struggle with vulnerability, but I didn’t realise just how much until recently. I can now see this pattern that has filtered through my life and the effects on a physical as well as mental level. But we start to heal when we become conscious, and every day is an opportunity to open up a little more, especially when I feel like closing down. “This is what I have found: to let ourselves be seen, deeply seen, vulnerably seen; to love with our whole hearts, even though there’s no guarantee – and that’s really hard; to practice gratitude and joy in those moments of terror, when we’re wondering, “Can I love you this much? Can I believe in this this passionately? Can I be this fierce about this?” Just to be able to stop and, instead of catastrophizing what might happen, to say, “I’m just so grateful, because to feel this vulnerable …

“Without You I’m Nothing”

It’s all too often that I hear people talk about their partners as the ones that make them complete, that fill an empty void inside them. And that literally they would be nothing without them. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about the love. I just wonder if people actually think about what they’re saying when they make such vivid statements as these. It makes me wonder how many relationships are based on unconditional love grounded in spirit, and how many are based purely on need, where the ego rules. “Whatever the need is, the person who fills it becomes the source of love.” (Deepak Chopra) It saddens me that people feel so inadequate that they need another to make them whole. Instead of searching for an external being to fulfill us, we should be reaching within and tapping into the source of everlasting love that is always present. And once realised, we are capable of loving and being loved wholly, unconditionally, on a deeper level. “Everything in the universe is within you. Ask all …


“This love is based on freedom, not expectation or need. It’s wings take us higher and higher towards the universal love that experiences all as one.”

Feeling exhilarated?

LOVE this message from Abraham. “You just wanna remember, what is it all about… the only reason that you’ve come into this experience, to explore this contrast, to give birth to that new desire is because it is so much fun to move from wherever you are in the direction of that new desire. The whole point is for the exhilaration of moulding it into place. Nothing is ever wrong, it’s just on its way to feeling better.”  

My Inentions for 2013 & beyond

Another year is upon us and I have high hopes for this one.  I can just feel it’s going to be a great year… a year of change, adventure and excitement. Now is a good time to reflect upon the previous year and so below are my 2012 Intentions. I prefer to set intentions rather than resolutions because everything starts with an intention. As Deepak Chopra explains, “Intention is the starting point of every spiritual path. It is the force that fulfills all of our needs, whether for money, relationships, spiritual awakening, or love. Intention generates all the activities in the universe. Everything that we can see – and even the things we cannot – are an expression of intention’s infinite organizing power.” I most certainly did not achieve all my intentions from last year :(  I didn’t do the 5 Tibetans daily or dance enough (actually hardly at all!). But I do feel like I explored the others… and I think that’s the whole point of intentions, the result/desire unfolds naturally as it should according to universal law – sometimes …

The Fool

I absolutely love Osho’s Zen Tarot. It’s always spot on for me. Today I selected The Fool. “Be a fool in the Taoist sense, in the Zen sense. Don´t try to create a wall of knowledge around you. Whatsoever experience comes to you, let it happen, and then go on dropping it. Go on cleaning your mind continuously; go on dying to the past so you remain in the present, herenow, as if just born, just a babe. In the beginning it is going to be very difficult. The world will start taking advantage of you…let them. They are poor fellows. Even if you are cheated and deceived and robbed, let it happen, because that which is really yours cannot be robbed from you, that which is really yours nobody can steal from you. And each time you don´t allow situations to corrupt you, that opportunity will become an integration inside. Your soul will become more crystallized. Adventures await him in the river of life The card indicates that if you trust your intuition right …

Feel Good Regardless

A major lesson I’ve had to learn is that you really can’t change people. Even though you really want to help them and hate to see them in pain and deep down you ‘know’ that they’d be happier if they did such and such. But who are we to make this decision? And who are we to rob them of their experience? After all isn’t that what we’ve come here to do… live, learn, grow and hopefully evolve to a higher consciousness. Sometimes I feel like I get caught up in stuff that’s just really not worth getting caught up over… other people’s stuff that I can’t control. I want to reach a place of not needing the condition to change to feel good: “I want to enjoy the benefit of unconditional love. I want the benefit of not needing a condition to change at all. I want the benefit of my focus to be so good that I can focus so clearly, so precisely, so deliberately, that I can feel good, only good about this …

I want to become like water

 (Beautiful words from a special friend this Christmas) I like the idea of becoming like water… free, flowing, unconstricted, living life with ease, flowing around life’s challenges and rushing into life’s adventures. I read these beautiful words last night in Paulo Coelho’s, Manual of the Warrior of Light – “The warrior of light sometimes behaves like water, flowing around the obstacles he encounters. Occasionally resisting might mean being destroyed, and so he adapts to the circumstances. He accepts without complaint that the stones along the path hinder his way across the mountains. Therein lies the strength of water: it cannot be shattered by a hammer or wounded by a knife. The strongest sword in the world cannot scar its surface. The waters of a river adapt themselves to whatever route proves possible, but the river never forgets its one objective: the sea. So fragile at its source, it gradually gathers the strength of the other rivers it encounters. And after a certain point, its power is absolute.”

I’m a falcon, let me fly!

My amazing homeopath, Dr Wayne Saul has been treating me for the last few months trying to find a cure for my glandular fever (which is essentially an outer projection of some deep-seated condition). We seem to have finally found the right remedy.. it appears that I’m a raptor, the falcon tinnunculus! According to Dr Jonathan Hardy, “Bird remedies are very new in homeopathy, they have only been proved in the last few years. Medicines are prepared from the feather, claw or blood of the bird since any part contains the essence of the whole.” General themes of Bird Remedies include (some/all of these can be found in cases requiring bird remedies): Lightness – being light, immaterial, out of the body. Patients can be light in the sense of being free of psychological baggage, they are people who let go of past problems and antagonisms. Freedom – there can be a strong sense of being free or on the other hand  a deep feeling of being trapped by their circumstances and a very great desire …

Give love & more love

“Appreciation and love, and alignment to that which is Source, is the ultimate “giving back,” so to speak, for in your pain or struggle, you have nothing to give back. What you are living is always an exact replication of your vibrational patterns of thought. Nothing could be more fair than life as you are living it, for as you are thinking, you are vibrating, and as you are vibrating, you are attracting—and so you are always getting back the essence of what you are giving.“  – Abraham

Originally posted on betterthansurviving: Not a lot of people know what homeopathy is. Others immediately dismiss it, deeming it daft or calling it “witchcraft”. And then there are those who have seen homeopathy in action. These people begin to understand how it works and witness how it can heal.   A few years ago, I was introduced to a couple of very talented homeopaths, who are part of a wonderful holistic centre (The Lifeflow Centre). I attended, mainly because of depression, but also for the extremely uncomfortable, painful, and all too regular kidney infections that I’d been afflicted by. If possible, I also wanted a boost of energy. And if they could sort out any of my many other problems, that was cool too. I’m delighted to report that my energy started to increase, my confidence has never been better, and I have a brighter outlook on life. My world is lit up with possibility now. As if all that isn’t enough, the kidney infections have ceased. My periods are regular for the first…

“Do you ever let yourself laugh completely…?

You always seem to stop just before letting go all the way.” This is what a friend said to me last night over a cup of lemon ginger tea. Something that I’d never considered and yet something that’s so reflective of a certain part of me. It’s all too familiar. I just didn’t realise how it had manifested in certain areas of my life. And yet it almost seems contradictory as outwardly I’m a free, adventurous spirit but inside there’s a tiny little bit of resistance. I’m one of those people that have always wished they could dance like no-one’s watching, but I never can. Well not yet atleast. So thank you friend for that observation, it’s made some things alot clearer for me :) I say YES to more full belly laughs, skinny dips in the ocean, travel adventures and dancing under the stars with special friends.

A sensory weekend at the Buddhist Retreat

I just got back from an awesome weekend at the Buddhist Retreat Centre (BRC) in the sleepy village of Ixopo, Western Midlands in the KwaZulu-Natal region. A friend and I ventured up with no idea what to expect, just super keen to escape into the wilderness for the weekend.  The retreat was held by the lovely Yasmin Lambat, a pilates instructor and Wellness Coach who is passionate about the Body Sensing technique. Body Sensing is a a somatic therapy that uses a body centered approach to heal. It recognises the inexplicable link between our emotions (how we feel) and our physical wellbeing. “Our biography becomes our biology” – Caroline Myss As Yasmin explains on her website, “It works on influencing our fascia, the largest sensory organ in the body and our sixth sense. Fascia is a web of connective tissue that not only influences posture and alignment, but responds to mood, softening when we’re relaxed and tensing when we’re stressing. It forms part of our body’s intelligent network of communication, often responding subconsciously. Under physical and emotional stress, our …

Letting go of the absence of it…

In this clip taken from a Stamford lecture by Abraham Hicks, Esther Hicks explains the concept of instant success in living a Big Life. She says “If you let the journey be your goal rather than the destination, you’ll have instant success. The manifestation is certain.” “You’ve got to let go of the absence of it before the manifested presence of it can be yours.” Thanks Missy Tree for sharing!