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Thoughts Become Things

Well that sounds easy enough. I’ll just think about all the things I want in my life and they’ll manifest NOW! Haha if only it was that simple. Well, it could be if we were in a place of complete allowing. Our intentions would be pure, our focus razor-sharp, and in an instant our desires would be fulfilled. But like everything in our perfect universe, this principle is based on that of duality, and on the opposite end of the spectrum we have resistance. allowing <<<  >>>  resistance Resistance is what ultimately stops us from fulfilling our desires. It keeps us stuck in the lack of it (the job/healthy body/relationship/money, etc.) and draws that which is like itself towards us. Haven’t you noticed when you don’t have resistance to something, how easily it comes into your life? It’s like the more you want something from a place of need, the more resistance is created, and the harder it is to get it. “If you are resisting anything, you are focused upon it, pushing against it, and activating the vibration of …

Into The Flow

Lately I’ve been trying to focus on being present. It comes in fleeting moments but these tiny moments are increasing a little day by day, and it feels good. When I feel a glimmer of doubt or fear or uncertainty about the future slip in, I try to remind myself that it simply originates from past experience and has no effect on the future. I bring myself back to the now. Instead of focusing on externals, I’m trying to live in a feeling state, observing how I feel and floating in the direction of positive emotion. As Esther Hicks (Abraham teachings) would say, it’s about going downstream, flowing with the current instead of resisting and fighting your way upstream. It’s allowing the unfolding of your desires to happen naturally. So instead of trying to plan too far ahead, I’m letting my emotions guide me and listening to subtle clues from the universe on where I’m supposed to be and what I’m supposed to be doing. Let’s see where it leads me :-)

Feeling exhilarated?

LOVE this message from Abraham. “You just wanna remember, what is it all about… the only reason that you’ve come into this experience, to explore this contrast, to give birth to that new desire is because it is so much fun to move from wherever you are in the direction of that new desire. The whole point is for the exhilaration of moulding it into place. Nothing is ever wrong, it’s just on its way to feeling better.”  

Feel Good Regardless

A major lesson I’ve had to learn is that you really can’t change people. Even though you really want to help them and hate to see them in pain and deep down you ‘know’ that they’d be happier if they did such and such. But who are we to make this decision? And who are we to rob them of their experience? After all isn’t that what we’ve come here to do… live, learn, grow and hopefully evolve to a higher consciousness. Sometimes I feel like I get caught up in stuff that’s just really not worth getting caught up over… other people’s stuff that I can’t control. I want to reach a place of not needing the condition to change to feel good: “I want to enjoy the benefit of unconditional love. I want the benefit of not needing a condition to change at all. I want the benefit of my focus to be so good that I can focus so clearly, so precisely, so deliberately, that I can feel good, only good about this …

Give love & more love

“Appreciation and love, and alignment to that which is Source, is the ultimate “giving back,” so to speak, for in your pain or struggle, you have nothing to give back. What you are living is always an exact replication of your vibrational patterns of thought. Nothing could be more fair than life as you are living it, for as you are thinking, you are vibrating, and as you are vibrating, you are attracting—and so you are always getting back the essence of what you are giving.“  – Abraham

Day 5: Our body cells are consciousness

“When you think a thought you offer a vibration that is emphatically influential to the vibration of your body. But your body isn’t listening and rejecting, your body is just in the proximity of it and benefiting by the vibration or not. Being lifted and buoyed by it; being allowed by it or being hindered by it.” I understand the interconnectedness of body and mind but until now I hadn’t fully grasped the fact that as we are thinking we are manifesting, automatically, whether we like it or not. But it makes perfect sense – my body is a reflection of my emotional and mental state and even though right now it’s under a bit of stress and strain, I have the power through my thoughts and visualisation to change this reality. How amazing is that! I think the key is to start thinking of ourselves as vibrational beings, instead of stuck physical mass. Just think what fun we can have in our lives as we co-create with our ever-abundant, beautiful universe. “My cells are vibrational …

Day 1: Letting go of S

S has been a part of my life ‘on and off’ for the past few months, until I finally decided last Monday that there’ll be no more on time for us. What have I learnt through this experience? I’ve learnt that when you feel like someone is making more withdrawals than deposits into your life, you’ll be out of balance and in the negative before you know it. (Ref: 10 signs it’s time to let go) I’ve learnt that whatever relationships I’ve attracted into my life at this moment are exactly what I need for my evolvement through this life journey, and I’m grateful for every one of them. I’ve learnt that people’s actions really do speak louder than words and their depth can never be overvalued. I’ve learnt that the most important thing that you can do for yourself in any given moment is to feel good, and if a situation is leaving you feeling bad then you’ve gotta reach for a better feeling place. (thanks Abraham Hicks!) I’ve learnt that we attract what we think …

Oil and Water

You know that feeling when you desperately want something to work but it just doesn’t. When you keep trying and trying but things just don’t seem to flow as they should. It feels heavy, it feels doubtful, it feels confusing, it feels difficult. That’s when you know it’s time to let go. I love the way Abraham Hicks describes how a good-feeling relationship should feel. One word… EASE….. Watch the video here

Letting go of the absence of it…

In this clip taken from a Stamford lecture by Abraham Hicks, Esther Hicks explains the concept of instant success in living a Big Life. She says “If you let the journey be your goal rather than the destination, you’ll have instant success. The manifestation is certain.” “You’ve got to let go of the absence of it before the manifested presence of it can be yours.” Thanks Missy Tree for sharing!