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What To Do When The World Says No

The easiest option is of course to join in and say ‘no’ with them. To accept that you really aren’t that great and don’t deserve more. Of course you can’t have anything you want, I mean that’s ludicrous, it just doesn’t work like that. Go out, have that 2nd, 3rd, 4th beer or that double chocolate cookie and slip back into the hum drumness of everyday existence. I don’t believe it has to be like this. Most of us accept that a select few get to live their dreams. That they are blessed with luck and that things just come to them without much effort. We believe that we can’t really follow our dreams – whether it’s starting that pottery business; making toy airplanes, or opening a specialist sweet shop – these are just fantasies that can’t be realised in the ‘real world’. I think this is all bullsh*t. Excuse my French, but it had to be said. Perhaps the real issue is that most of us just aren’t prepared to put in the effort. To apply ourselves daily to achieving our dreams, however simple …

Just Like That

Can it really be that simple? I’ve been thinking a lot about beliefs lately and how they shape our reality. I think that we overcomplicate things all the time as humans. Last Tuesday morning I was feeling rather glib and as I was driving along I thought to myself, I can change how I feel right now. I really can. I just need to make a conscious decision. I can choose to feel miserable and have my whole day play out like this or I can choose to feel good. So I put on some happy tunes and sang my little heart out all the way to my morning meeting. Needless to say my whole day turned out a lot better than it started out. And driving home I realised that it’s kind of hard to feel depressed on such a dam fine and perfect sunny day in Durbs, who would’ve thought its Winter time. I guess that’s the secret right – the power is in the present.