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Sometimes, all you need is a little perspective

I recently got back from a trip to the magical island of Bali. WOW is all I can say. What a little piece of heaven. Before visiting Bali, I hadn’t been outside of Japan for a whole year and was just coming out of what seemed to be the longest Winter ever. Honestly it felt like about 7 months of cold (and that’s rain and wind cold). I don’t do well in this kind of weather, perhaps its because I grew up in the ever sunny and humid Durban. My body, mind and soul just doesn’t like it. Living in Japan has taught me many things about myself and the greater world (more in another post), but the feeling that I felt when I stepped off that plane was indescribable. I was eagerly greeted by my best friend who was jumping around in excitement, where I could barely lift my arm to wave hello. I have felt as though the energy and life force has been sucked out of me whilst living in Tokyo; everything is …

The Magic Of Meditation

Candace Silvers inspires in this video taken from one of her free Friday sessions. Our world, that we each individually create and perceive, is full of infinite possibilities. If only we realised the power we have in creating our realities… there is no limit to what we can create, we just have to begin NOW. We can spend years trying to do something and never get anywhere. The key lies in making a commitment and doing instead of trying to do. Candace explains these concepts so beautifully in her videos – take a look here, I am sure you’ll feel as inspired as I do when I watch them.

Home-made millet tostadas with pesto, carrot salsa & avo

Having picked up various food intolerances over the last few months, eating can sometimes prove challenging and boring and so easy to get stuck into a safe food rut. But all one needs is a little inspiration and Susan Marque! I began taking food coaching sessions from Susan a few months ago and have since learnt a great deal from her. Yesterday I decided to try her Millet Tostadas recipe, (originally developed by Susan for her then boyfriend who was having bread cravings), as I am… oh to eat bread again! Well all I can say is delicious! The tostadas were crispy and nourishing and 100% wholesome. I also made her pumpkin seed pesto (I didn’t have any fresh basil so I substituted spinach and it turned out great) and carrot salsa (I added in some chopped baby daikon radish and a dash of coriander seed). All this topped with slices of fresh avo. Aaah food bliss! Susan’s books can be downloaded here.