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Organic Fare at Dry Goods Market

I love going to the Dry Goods Market just off Jianguo 3rd Road, it’s a real treat full of traditional fare and it’s cheap, cheap, cheap. My Taiwanese friend introduced it to me months ago and I haven’t been back. I had some time to kill in the area this week so I took a stroll over and had a wander. I’m glad I did! There is everything from different kinds of soy sauces, vinegars, coconut milk, grains, spices, dried fruit and nuts to candy, dried mushrooms and tea, lots of tea. And you can taste! What I found this time though was an organic store, not everything is organic but a lot is. They have organic grains like barley, millet, quinoa (red & mixed variety), oats and different kinds of rices (even organic wild rice from the US that looks delicious). They are located quite far down the alley on the right I think. The shop assistant said that lots of foreigners come there to buy grains and of course nuts. They have a selection of …

Sweet Sweet Coconut

I keep on telling my friends how amazing coconut oil is and how they must start using it. But the question begs… why? So what’s so great about Coconut Oil? Well it appears that not all oils are created the same. Coconut oil consists almost entirely of healthy medium-chain saturated fatty acids (MCFAs), which do not negatively influence blood cholesterol. Yes, I said do not negatively influence blood cholesterol! These MCFAs are used primarily as a source of energy in the body (we metabolise these fats in the liver, immediately converting them into energy rather than storing as fat), which in turn helps to increase our metabolism. Also Coconut Oil consists of roughly 50% lauric acid which has proven anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-prozotoal properties.  YES let’s kill those parasites, viruses and candida! What will it do for you? 1. Assists in weight control – According to Body & Soul, research shows that coconut oil consumption reduces abdominal fat and protects the body from insulin resistance. 2. Eases digestion – including bloating, IBS, etc. and helps to kill off yeast, …

Dairy-free Goji Smoothie

This smoothie is easy to make and provides essential healthy fats, some protein & a superfood punch. To make, you’ll need: – x1 frozen/fresh banana (when freezing, remove skin and cut up into chunks) – handful of frozen/fresh berries (I used raspberries today) – sprinkle of raw mixed nuts – some hot water (I don’t like my smoothies too cold as it’s not good for digestion & is a shock to the system. *It’s only necessary to use hot water if you’re using frozen fruit, otherwise just add cold) – x1 tbsp organic coconut oil – sprinkle of goji berries – 1/2 tbsp ground flax seed – 1 tsp organic raw cacao powder Add all the ingredients to the blender and bam, you have a damn fine tasting smoothie!

5 Essential Japanese Foods

One of the great things about living in Japan has been my exposure to a whole new world of foods. The Japanese are world-renowned for their longevity and health. Here are some healing foods that I have come to love and enjoy in my weekly diet, and I now consider essential food items. 1. THE DAIKON RADISH I absolutely LOVE daikon. I eat this mellow, clean tasting root vegetable just about everyday, either in a salad for lunch (they make great pickles) or added into a soup for dinner. Daikons taste crispy and juicy raw and turn slightly sweet when cooked. They are extremely cleansing and are used throughout Japan as a complement to raw or oily foods to aid digestion. Daikon also acts as a diuretic and decongestant, promoting the discharge of excess fat and mucus, thus facilitating weight-loss. 2. UMEBOSHI PLUM These pinky-red, salt pickled plums deliver a salty and sour punch, as I discovered when I had my first taste a few months back. Not really meant to be eaten straight from the …

SNAP 14/3/2012: White Day

Traditionally, in Japan, on Valentines Day ladies give gifts (usually chocolates, home-made is best!) to men. Then one month later on 14 March the men are expected to return this gesture (popular gifts are cookies, jewellery, white chocolate, white lingerie). I received this beautiful little parcel from my boss from my favourite organic store, Natural House… He knows me so well!!

SNAP 22/2/2012: Rose Bakery

This beautiful bakery is right near my work and apart from delicious cakes, they also have organic soups and veggie plates as well as fresh ginger tea. I’m a regular, what can I say! I usually go every Wednesday for a light snack, as I have a few hours to spare between work and teaching yoga that night.