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Stop. Breathe. Release.

Sitting in the neon lit room, enclosed by cream walls, I can see speckles of the signature blue trickled throughout the room, in the notepads, the notices on the wall and the student’s vacant gaze. I glance down at the textbook and regurgitate yet another lesson in English 101. Feigning interest, I smile and pretend to be enjoying myself. Days and days go by like this, but the student knows the truth, they can see through my plastic smile, and feel it in their bones. resistance (n): the refusal to accept or comply with something. Resistance shows its destructive face in many ways, acting as the saboteur of our lives: when we decide to follow a creative calling; commit to a health regime; feel the urge to launch a new venture or simply get ourselves out of the present moment into a perceived better one, in my case, lying on the beach somewhere with a pina colada in hand. Resistance seems to come from outside ourselves, like an uncontrollable force emitted from jobs, partners, circumstances that poison us and cause us to be unhappy.  It …

Thoughts Become Things

Well that sounds easy enough. I’ll just think about all the things I want in my life and they’ll manifest NOW! Haha if only it was that simple. Well, it could be if we were in a place of complete allowing. Our intentions would be pure, our focus razor-sharp, and in an instant our desires would be fulfilled. But like everything in our perfect universe, this principle is based on that of duality, and on the opposite end of the spectrum we have resistance. allowing <<<  >>>  resistance Resistance is what ultimately stops us from fulfilling our desires. It keeps us stuck in the lack of it (the job/healthy body/relationship/money, etc.) and draws that which is like itself towards us. Haven’t you noticed when you don’t have resistance to something, how easily it comes into your life? It’s like the more you want something from a place of need, the more resistance is created, and the harder it is to get it. “If you are resisting anything, you are focused upon it, pushing against it, and activating the vibration of …

“Do you ever let yourself laugh completely…?

You always seem to stop just before letting go all the way.” This is what a friend said to me last night over a cup of lemon ginger tea. Something that I’d never considered and yet something that’s so reflective of a certain part of me. It’s all too familiar. I just didn’t realise how it had manifested in certain areas of my life. And yet it almost seems contradictory as outwardly I’m a free, adventurous spirit but inside there’s a tiny little bit of resistance. I’m one of those people that have always wished they could dance like no-one’s watching, but I never can. Well not yet atleast. So thank you friend for that observation, it’s made some things alot clearer for me :) I say YES to more full belly laughs, skinny dips in the ocean, travel adventures and dancing under the stars with special friends.