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Good Vibrations

A composed woman stands like a statue on stage, draped in a yukata and fitted with a tubular, over-sized headdress, cushioned against her head. She floats her hands above a black metal box emitting eerie, yet melodic, sounds without her ever touching it. To her left are two men dressed in tight, white lycra bodysuits, one with a towering salmon sashimi tied to his back and the other with an omelet pillow. A human sushi dance unfolds between the nigiri men and a monstrous, evil-eyed dragonhead, orchestrated by the captivating woman and her black box. The black box, a musical instrument called a theremin, was the world’s first electronic instrument invented almost 100 years ago. Theremin players create and manipulate sound by placing their hands next to two metal antennas and making subtle hand movements to control pitch and volume. The theremin’s ethereal sound is most commonly heard in sci-fi movies, but also in music genres such as classical, rock and pop. Classics such as The Beach Boys “Good Vibrations”, Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” …

SNAP 20/3/2012: Lotus lamp cuteness

Had an awesome evening with my special friend Miharu. Light veg curry at the vegan Stay Happy Cafe and chai at The Karate Chop, a local Vietnamese restaurant in Shimokitzawa, Tokyo. Could not have asked for a better evening. One thing I’ll miss when I leave is all the amazingly cute, quirky little shops and cafes… just LOVE them!