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A Sign From The Universe?

It’s been said that everything on the physical plane is a manifestation of something on the metaphysical level. I believe that nothing is a ‘coincidence’ and that physical issues lead me to inquire more about myself and my surroundings on a deeper level.

Two days ago I was leaving my apartment when I suddenly fell heavily down my concrete staircase. I hit my coccyx head on and it sent shooting pain right up my spine and down my legs. I think my coccyx is just bruised, not fractured, but it’s incredibly sore!

Louise Hay (renowned leader in the self-help movement & author of Heal Your Body) relates lower back pain to fear of money and lack of financial support. Yes, that sounds about right.

A year ago I injured my lower back whilst snowboarding so I’ve been dealing with lower back issues on and off since then. In my case, my back pain tends to show up when I’m feeling the most insecure in my life either with money issues or physical security.

A Wake Up Call?

This recent fall was however so sudden and impactful, it felt like the universe was trying to tell me something. I have been struggling a lot lately with deciding what to with my life and also dealing with financial uncertainty.

When I think of the coccyx and sacral area, I think of grounding. Is the universe trying to tell me to slow down, ground myself and trust that the answers will come?



Louise Hay’s description of the mind-body coccyx link:

 Coccyx (tailbone): Out of balance with yourself. Holding on. Blame of self. Sitting on old pain.

I 100% relate to this. Unresolved emotional pain has surfaced recently, pain that I didn’t realise I was still holding onto, but needed to come up. Perhaps physical manifestations can help us release pain on the metaphysical level?

Fear seems to be the key learning element for me here. Fear of the future, fear of having something taken from me, fear of being destitute or alone.

All there is to do now is accept the pain, know that it’s temporary, be gentle with ourselves, release resistance and practice an affirmation or two. Here’s a great one from Louise:

 “I trust the process of life. All I need is always taken care of. I am safe.”
Repeat as often as possible.

In love x

UPDATE: 25/5/2013

I have since come to an even clearer realisation about the relevance of this fall. Over the past 2 weeks I have been doing 21 days of Reiki self-healing (as part of my training), and this injury occurred in my first week which deals with releasing issues on the physical level. Also, it’s in fact my sacrum that is very bruised which is in close relation to the sacral chakra representing relationships and emotional issues. So it’s quite amazing to me how these issues have come up for healing at this time. I am looking at it as a blessing now and an opportunity to heal past wounds.


  1. Thank you! Found you when I was doing some analysis and reflection about a fall I took this past weekend.

  2. Beatriz Maria. says

    I got ”coxxygodenia” in 1998.. after a slip and fall. My coccyx bone was remove but the nerves that surrounds it are still painful 16 years later…-with ‘very painful’ only sometimes-, I have to avoid sitting in hard surfaces, and I tried different therapies, all I know is that only through the years it got a little better, and I don’t believe in all metaphysical concepts but…yes… I think coxxys problems are related to money, and to the fact of being disappointed in life.
    I will do the Affirmation phrase!! Thank you!

    • Wow, you’ve been through a long journey Beatriz. I feel you, it can’t be easy.

      I think it’s great that you’ll give the affirmation a try. If I were you I’d start out by having a scheduled time to do it everyday and then I’d start trying to repeat it throughout the day, whenever you can feel your mind wander or feel negative thoughts taking over, turn back to the affirmation.

      I really think some reiki or other energy work would help you to shift on the physical level too, Is there anyone good that you know of in your area?

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  4. ThePoliticalVagina says

    Reblogged this on Poli.V and commented:
    Yesterday was my second fall in a month and I’m looking for answers. This seems pretty close

  5. Veronica Braley says

    Thank you for sharing. I had a silly fall on my coccyx the other day, landing on a hard plastic object so it was a very directed impact. Aside from being a bit sore, I was really curious about the metaphysical situation behind it. I found your description to be very informative and to match my thoughts. When it first happened I immediately considered the circumstances of the situation. I was climbing on a female horse and the steps I was using collapsed out from underneath me. My first thought was that I was trying to come into my feminine power but my foundations were unsteady. This matches the whole picture. Thanks again.

  6. Hey Samantha…thank you so much for sharing your story. Just now I slipped in the shower and fell heavily on my coccyx just as I was thinking of my ex husband who really hurt me. Your description is so spot on and obviously I was meant to read it. Sitting on old pain really describes it but as I’m not into victimhood anymore, I’m just really annoying with myself which obviously comes from a lack of trust and self-love. So the fall felt like strong sign because I guess the universe decided to give me a sign impossible to ignore! I feel so supported now thanks to your post…and this the supermoon day!…Many blessing to you sister…and keep up the good work!

  7. Thanks for your response , and wow what a wake up call, on that super powerful full moon yesterday too! That was a sign for sure, one you can’t ignore, and it must feel so good to know you have universal support, always.

    I feel the same as you, about shifting away from that victim energy, but I do think you should try to be gentle with yourself, those old wounds run deep and take time to heal.

    Much love soul sister and happy healing :)

  8. Hey Sam, so I’ve been feeling my tailbone more recently, and I’ve been simultaneously becoming more accustomed to having – wealth, love etc.

    Would you agree that being aware of your tailbone, and letting it relax down into the earth is a necessary energetic component of being able to exist amongst wealth, love, and joy?

    Much appreciation for the article.


    • Hi Gabriel, thanks for the comment and sorry for the late reply (I’ve been traveling in India).
      Wow that’s interesting, and makes sense to me. Through grounding we feel secure, supported,connected and have the feeling that our needs are met. Maybe energetically then , it would be natural for more to flow to us, as you’re already existing in the vibration of “having enough/satisfied/at ease”. There isn’t that feeling of lack so much, and therefore it’s easier to be in the energy of receiving. And accepting that receiving with joy. Did you have some difficulty in receiving before?
      Interesting insights , thank you Gabrielle :)
      What are your thoughts on this?
      Much love

  9. Skillty says

    This is pretty the same thing that happened to me two days ago! In my case, I was reading Tantric secrets by Ethan Vorly and started practicing the techniques. When I got familiar with techniques, I’ve decided to do them on a daily basis, energy work and perineum exercise. Interestingly, the very next day a car hit my bike and my seat hit me in the tailbone hard. It wasn’t painful then but later that day whenever I would get up or sit down, I’d feel maybe like a piece of bone move as those muscles contract which shot 3sec paralyzing pain thru whole body.. I like your post as it is a bit clearer to me now why this happened. I look at it as something that my higher self attracted which should be my lesson / challenge which will make me better afterwards.

    • Wow Skillty, that’s amazing. I hope your pain has eased a bit now?
      It doesn’t sound like that was a coincidence at all! I really do believe in the interconnectedness of mind-body-soul & I think how you interpret what happened to you is what matters most. You can feel if it’s truth or not deep down, can’t you?
      Glad you liked the post :)
      Everything happens perfectly , as it should ✨

  10. Sarah Nabarro says

    Thank you for this. I’ve been having back problems on and off with associated chronic pain for about two years. It started after a v traumatic relationship ending and coincided with me starting what has been a long and challenging healing journey… I practise Reiki and ThetaHealing myself and have yet to heal whatever is at the “root” of it all – though i’ve had times when its been much better over the last year. Definitely seems to come up when life is uncertain, and I am worried about the future – I love what you say about slowing down and staying grounded – and Louise Hay’s affirmation. I hope I find a way of healing whatever the past issues are – I have done so much self-healing and healing work so it feels like maybe patience is now the only way! <3

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