Dear wanderers and soul seekers, welcome to Wandering Bodhi!

This blog started many years ago as I ventured into the East, as a way of documenting my travels and life abroad.

I moved to Japan in 2011, and have been on a continuous adventure ever since. It all started with a deep love and interest in yoga and its teachings, and after my first trip to India in 2008, I knew I wanted to live in Asia and be closer to those magical lands.

Over the past nine years, I’ve lived mostly in Japan, but I’ve also spent some special years in Taiwan and a little time in Vietnam. I enjoyed the freedom of being able to live and travel when I wanted, without any attachments.

After returning to Japan in 2015, I reconnected with an old colleague and in a whirlwind we were married the following year on the beautiful red rocks of Sedona. A year later we welcomed our baby, Zen, into the world.

I’ve since decided to start a new blog, Raising Zen (link to follow), as I enter into this new phase. I’ve never felt so grounded as I did when I was pregnant with Zen, and so I’d like to share my musings about becoming more conscious as we aspire to raise a conscious baba.

Please feel free to wander.







  1. paperplane says

    I love your story. I love this blog. Thank you for following me.

    • Thanks John :) Nice to hear from you! Are you starting a blog now too? Still having fun in Japan?

  2. lindaheenan says

    I think your blog is beautiful my darling. You are a beautiful free spirit! Xxx

  3. Ann Jones says

    Well done my sweets. Glad you are living your dream. Xxx Ann

  4. rooroo says

    you should go to persian and learn farsi, read rumi and persian poetry, you will find more about life

  5. I enjoy reading your website. Especially about Louise Hay and the tailbone. Just when I needed to hear! I fell on my tailbone and wanted to look at what was involved emotionally besides physically. You have given me great insight. Thank you.

    • Thanks Pat, I’m so glad you got some insight. Hope your tailbone doesn’t feel too sore, I know how painful mine was. Happy healing and love to you!

  6. Prophet 27 says

    Samwise rocks that vino!

    Prose poetically pure

    Love it!

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