Year: 2012

I want to become like water

 (Beautiful words from a special friend this Christmas) I like the idea of becoming like water… free, flowing, unconstricted, living life with ease, flowing around life’s challenges and rushing into life’s adventures. I read these beautiful words last night in Paulo Coelho’s, Manual of the Warrior of Light – “The warrior of light sometimes behaves like water, flowing around the obstacles he encounters. Occasionally resisting might mean being destroyed, and so he adapts to the circumstances. He accepts without complaint that the stones along the path hinder his way across the mountains. Therein lies the strength of water: it cannot be shattered by a hammer or wounded by a knife. The strongest sword in the world cannot scar its surface. The waters of a river adapt themselves to whatever route proves possible, but the river never forgets its one objective: the sea. So fragile at its source, it gradually gathers the strength of the other rivers it encounters. And after a certain point, its power is absolute.”

Hello New Earth

Ok I’m ready… it’s 21.12.2012 and in exactly 16 minutes (1:11pm SAST /11h11am GMT) I’ll join millions around the world meditating for love, awakening and global world peace. The purpose is to resonate the environment with positive vibrations and tune in to the influx of energy towards earth. It is said that the cosmic energies are aligning and our level of consciousness will increase. When millions of people meditate in unity, collective energy is amplified and anything becomes possible. Take a few moments and feel the eternal source that runs through you and everything on this planet. Feel the love that is here to be felt. Take it in and extend it to others. Visualise the world as you’d like it to be. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti x

I’m a falcon, let me fly!

My amazing homeopath, Dr Wayne Saul has been treating me for the last few months trying to find a cure for my glandular fever (which is essentially an outer projection of some deep-seated condition). We seem to have finally found the right remedy.. it appears that I’m a raptor, the falcon tinnunculus! According to Dr Jonathan Hardy, “Bird remedies are very new in homeopathy, they have only been proved in the last few years. Medicines are prepared from the feather, claw or blood of the bird since any part contains the essence of the whole.” General themes of Bird Remedies include (some/all of these can be found in cases requiring bird remedies): Lightness – being light, immaterial, out of the body. Patients can be light in the sense of being free of psychological baggage, they are people who let go of past problems and antagonisms. Freedom – there can be a strong sense of being free or on the other hand  a deep feeling of being trapped by their circumstances and a very great desire …

Give love & more love

“Appreciation and love, and alignment to that which is Source, is the ultimate “giving back,” so to speak, for in your pain or struggle, you have nothing to give back. What you are living is always an exact replication of your vibrational patterns of thought. Nothing could be more fair than life as you are living it, for as you are thinking, you are vibrating, and as you are vibrating, you are attracting—and so you are always getting back the essence of what you are giving.“  – Abraham

I couldn’t have said it better than this…

Originally posted on wildheart:
ser·en·dip·i·ty (noun); finding something wonderful without looking for it. see also: luck, blessing, fortune, fate How many times have I wanted something, and realized I really didn’t want it once I got it? I’ve twisted myself into shapes I couldn’t make and squeezed myself into places I couldn’t fit. The things that bring me the most happiness simply happen. Life is full of surprises. It is unpredictable – uncontrollable. The only way to affirm my luck is to let go, abandon concern for gains or losses, and live mindfully wherever life takes me. To seize every chance to be of service. To let things go and take things on with a peaceful mind and body. Using wisdom to sow the seeds of my blessings makes every day a good day.

Day 7: A new beginning?

Today was the 12/12/2012, and at 12 minutes past 12 my mom and I were meditating on the sand at Ballito beach. There was a phenomenal group energy present and it was an awesome experience to have the waves crashing in the background. So what was so special about today? There’s been a lot of conspiracies going around that the world is ending this December, and this is not entirely untrue. I believe that the date 12.12.2012 represents a window of possibility for an evolutionary leap into a new earth, an earth operating on a higher spiritual vibration. And because the whole planet and every thing on it is energy, including ourselves, there will be energetic shifts happening within us too, whether we accept it or not. It also represents the closing of a chapter. Interestingly, in numerology 12 signifies completion, the Divine Mother/Feminine, creative capacity, cosmic harmony and spiritual order. It’s really about releasing old patterns and beliefs that are no longer serving us – things like unworthiness, guilt, resentment, etc. Anything that’s holding you back …

Day 6: Getting into the flow

Today’s post is inspired by a special friend of mine who has been through a lot of change lately. In fact, this seems to be a pattern in many people’s lives, including my own. So how can we calm ourselves in these overwhelming times and learn to let go of the reins a bit? First, we have to accept what is, knowing that we won’t feel this way forever and things will change soon enough. And then they’ll change again. And again. Isn’t that the beauty of life? We can view the unknown from a place of fear or we can embrace it and feel excited about the future, knowing that there’s a reason we are going through whatever we are going through right now, and in the end it all works out for the greater good. So instead of fighting and resisting, we learn to accept things as they are and imagine them as we’d like them to be. We meditate. We move – yoga, chi kung or a walk on the beach (whatever …

Originally posted on betterthansurviving: Not a lot of people know what homeopathy is. Others immediately dismiss it, deeming it daft or calling it “witchcraft”. And then there are those who have seen homeopathy in action. These people begin to understand how it works and witness how it can heal.   A few years ago, I was introduced to a couple of very talented homeopaths, who are part of a wonderful holistic centre (The Lifeflow Centre). I attended, mainly because of depression, but also for the extremely uncomfortable, painful, and all too regular kidney infections that I’d been afflicted by. If possible, I also wanted a boost of energy. And if they could sort out any of my many other problems, that was cool too. I’m delighted to report that my energy started to increase, my confidence has never been better, and I have a brighter outlook on life. My world is lit up with possibility now. As if all that isn’t enough, the kidney infections have ceased. My periods are regular for the first…

Day 5: Our body cells are consciousness

“When you think a thought you offer a vibration that is emphatically influential to the vibration of your body. But your body isn’t listening and rejecting, your body is just in the proximity of it and benefiting by the vibration or not. Being lifted and buoyed by it; being allowed by it or being hindered by it.” I understand the interconnectedness of body and mind but until now I hadn’t fully grasped the fact that as we are thinking we are manifesting, automatically, whether we like it or not. But it makes perfect sense – my body is a reflection of my emotional and mental state and even though right now it’s under a bit of stress and strain, I have the power through my thoughts and visualisation to change this reality. How amazing is that! I think the key is to start thinking of ourselves as vibrational beings, instead of stuck physical mass. Just think what fun we can have in our lives as we co-create with our ever-abundant, beautiful universe. “My cells are vibrational …

Day 4: Releasing tightness

It feels so good to just sit in meditation and actually feel your body relax completely. That feeling of letting go and surrendering into the moment. Just sitting, focusing on your breath with nothing else to do except be present. We carry around so much tension in our bodies, day in and day out, the least we can do is give ourselves 15 minutes a day to just let go. As we release tightness in the body, we release tightness in the mind. I reckon that’s something worth making time for.

Day 3: Learning to let go of ‘perfection’

“If you can let go of imperfection, perfection will appear by itself .” – Deepak Chopra Everyday I try and let go a little of how I think I should look, act and feel. I know I put too much pressure on myself, always trying to be and do my best and yet never really feeling like it’s enough. This super critical attitude  shines a spotlight on my imperfections which leaves me feeling even less perfect than before. So essentially I’m creating this cage of imperfection when in fact I should just be basking in the absolute beauty of this moment, the amazingness of how our human bodies work, the perfection that is present in every living thing and the interconnectedness of it all.

Day 2: Accepting what is

Today I really wanted to go to tai chi, I mean REALLY wanted to go. But I couldn’t – I’ve had glandular fever for the past few months and symptoms seem to vary dramatically day-to-day. I was so excited because I haven’t been able to do any exercise at all and the idea of some movement was super appealing. Anyway, one thing I have learnt through this ordeal is the value in accepting what is, which doesn’t mean giving up and wallowing in negativity. It simply means “ok I feel like this today but it is going to pass and I will feel better soon”. I can reach for a better feeling place (even if that’s just a feeling of hope) and I can remember what it feels like to be well and healthy and energetic. I can imagine myself doing cartwheels on the sand and swimming in the ocean and having fun with my friends… I can almost feel it. It’s about finding that place of non-resistance instead of fighting against my body and …

Day 1: Letting go of S

S has been a part of my life ‘on and off’ for the past few months, until I finally decided last Monday that there’ll be no more on time for us. What have I learnt through this experience? I’ve learnt that when you feel like someone is making more withdrawals than deposits into your life, you’ll be out of balance and in the negative before you know it. (Ref: 10 signs it’s time to let go) I’ve learnt that whatever relationships I’ve attracted into my life at this moment are exactly what I need for my evolvement through this life journey, and I’m grateful for every one of them. I’ve learnt that people’s actions really do speak louder than words and their depth can never be overvalued. I’ve learnt that the most important thing that you can do for yourself in any given moment is to feel good, and if a situation is leaving you feeling bad then you’ve gotta reach for a better feeling place. (thanks Abraham Hicks!) I’ve learnt that we attract what we think …

Oil and Water

You know that feeling when you desperately want something to work but it just doesn’t. When you keep trying and trying but things just don’t seem to flow as they should. It feels heavy, it feels doubtful, it feels confusing, it feels difficult. That’s when you know it’s time to let go. I love the way Abraham Hicks describes how a good-feeling relationship should feel. One word… EASE….. Watch the video here

Find your ‘zero place’

“Be a fool in the Taoist sense, in the Zen sense. Don´t try to create a wall of knowledge around you. Whatsoever experience comes to you, let it happen, and then go on dropping it. Go on cleaning your mind continuously; go on dying to the past so you remain in the present, herenow, as if just born, just a babe.” – Osho Zen Tarot

“Do you ever let yourself laugh completely…?

You always seem to stop just before letting go all the way.” This is what a friend said to me last night over a cup of lemon ginger tea. Something that I’d never considered and yet something that’s so reflective of a certain part of me. It’s all too familiar. I just didn’t realise how it had manifested in certain areas of my life. And yet it almost seems contradictory as outwardly I’m a free, adventurous spirit but inside there’s a tiny little bit of resistance. I’m one of those people that have always wished they could dance like no-one’s watching, but I never can. Well not yet atleast. So thank you friend for that observation, it’s made some things alot clearer for me :) I say YES to more full belly laughs, skinny dips in the ocean, travel adventures and dancing under the stars with special friends.