Letting Go
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Day 7: A new beginning?


Today was the 12/12/2012, and at 12 minutes past 12 my mom and I were meditating on the sand at Ballito beach. There was a phenomenal group energy present and it was an awesome experience to have the waves crashing in the background.

So what was so special about today?

There’s been a lot of conspiracies going around that the world is ending this December, and this is not entirely untrue.

I believe that the date 12.12.2012 represents a window of possibility for an evolutionary leap into a new earth, an earth operating on a higher spiritual vibration. And because the whole planet and every thing on it is energy, including ourselves, there will be energetic shifts happening within us too, whether we accept it or not.

It also represents the closing of a chapter. Interestingly, in numerology 12 signifies completion, the Divine Mother/Feminine, creative capacity, cosmic harmony and spiritual order.

It’s really about releasing old patterns and beliefs that are no longer serving us – things like unworthiness, guilt, resentment, etc. Anything that’s holding you back emotionally and mentally. It’s time to let go, and as you do the universe is supporting you (now more than ever) every step of the way.


“You are now in that moment of choice. How are you living your life? Are there things holding you from becoming all that you can be? Now is the moment to discard them, for you cannot exist in a higher/lighter density if you are stuck with the baggage of the lower density. Do you have habits, addictions, beliefs, attachments, or residual emotions and thoughts that do not serve you? Rid yourself of them.” (Ref: Cosmic Paradigm)

This is a time of a great consciousness shift happening on this planet, and how lucky are we to be a part of this! Are you ready to become a co-creator? Are you ready to start living from a place of love? The time is now.


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  1. I agree, the time is now…. shed the old and embrace the new…. thoughtful and wise words…..

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