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SNAP 7/03/2012: Yay for Omiyage

Had a lesson today with one of my private students, Takuya; we usually meet about once a month for a chat and some pronunciation practice. He’s a musician/songwriter who wants to go live in London and play music. He’s completely passionate and dedicated to his music and does various part-time jobs to afford him the resources to succeed. I help him with his lyrics from time to time – can you imagine how hard it must be to try and find the right words for a song in a different language, especially one so different from your native language.

Anyhow, he just got back from a mini vacation and bought me some cookies as a souvenir. It’s tradition in Japan that when a person returns from a trip, they bring home souvenirs (omiyage) to friends, co-workers and relatives. Tourist sites across Japan are surrounded by many omiyage shops offering beautifully wrapped souvenirs. Gotta love Japan :)

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