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Banana Coconut Millet Porridge

Today is the first day since I’ve been living in Kaohsiung that I’ve started to feel the Winter chills. My morning smoothie just wouldn’t cut it this morning.

Time for some wholesome, nourishsome millet. This hearty breakfast left me feeling warm, perfectly full and satisfied. Oh and did I mention it’s dairy and gluten-free.


What you’ll need:

– About 1/2 cup of organic millet (be sure to pre-soak it for a few hours – drain & rinse)

– water

– x1 banana

– coconut cream/milk

– desiccated coconut flakes

– x1 cinnamon stick & 3 clove buds

– flax, sunflower & pumpkin seeds

– honey

Simply cook the millet as per the instructions, adding the cinnamon sticks, cloves & desiccated coconut flakes to the mixture from the start.

Once cooked – about 20 minutes (I like to keep a little liquid in the mixture as it dries up a bit once left to stand), remove from the stove and add some coconut cream/milk, seeds, sliced banana & a dash of honey if you so desire.

Yummm… enjoy :)

Don’t know what millet is or why you should eat it? 

Well firstly, it’s a traditional wholegrain.. that’s a grain in its original form with all molecules intact, the way nature intended. It’s still used widely today across Asia, among other countries. It’s gluten-free and rich in Magnesium (which so many of us eating the typical Western diet are lacking). It has been noted that researchers have found millet to be helpful in controlling diabetes and inflammation (see more HERE).

It’s extremely versatile, “determined by the amount of water used in cooking, it can be light and fluffy or soft and creamy. It’s delicious plain, with fresh or dried fruit, or with sweet vegetables such as winter squash and carrots. Use it to bake, serve it as porridge or as a main grain for lunch/dinner (Source: Eden Foods).

And I’m sure you’ve heard of Cauliflower-Millet “mashed potatoes???

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