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Taste Totally

I’ve been thinking a lot about balance lately… mostly how I can get more of it in my life.

The thing is, it seems balance can’t be forced. After all, it’s a natural law of the universe.

I love this story from “The Book of Understanding” by OSHO:

“In paradise one afternoon, in its most famous cafe, Lao Tzu, Confucius, and Buddha are sitting and chatting. The waiter comes with a tray that holds three glasses of the juice called “Life,” and offers them. Buddha immediately closes his eyes and refuses; he says, “Life is misery.”

Confucius closes his eyes halfway – he is a middlist, and asks the waiter to give him the glass. He would like to have a sip – but just a sip, because without tasting how can one say whether life is misery or not? Confucius had a scientific mind; he was not much of a mystic, he had a very pragmatic, earthbound mind. He takes a sip and he says, “Buddha is right – life is misery.”

Lao Tzu takes all the three glasses and he says, “Unless one drinks totally, how can one say anything?” He drinks all the three glasses and starts dancing!

Buddha and Confucius ask him, “Are you not going to say anything?” And Lao Tzu says, “This is what I am saying – my dance and my song are speaking for me.” Unless you taste totally, you cannot say. And when you taste totally, you still cannot say because what you know is such that no words are adequate.

Buddha is on one extreme, Confucius is in the middle. Lao Tzu has drunk all the three glasses. He has drunk them all; he has lived life in its three-dimensionality.

Osho goes on to say,

“Live life in all possible ways; don’t choose one thing against the other, and don’t try to be in the middle. Don’t try to balance yourself – balance is not something that can be cultivated. Balance is something that comes out of experiencing all the dimensions of life. Balance is something that happens; it is not something that can be brought about through your efforts. If you bring it through your efforts it will be false, forced. And you will remain tense, you will not be relaxed, because how can a person who is trying to remain balanced in the middle be relaxed? You will always be afraid that if you relax you may start moving to the left or to the right. You are bound to remain uptight, and to be uptight is to miss the whole opportunity, the whole gift of life.

When sadness comes, you know it will pass, and when happiness comes you know that will pass, too. Nothing remains; everything passes by. The only thing that always abides is your witnessing. That witnessing brings balance. That witnessing is balance.


Now that’s a way to live. It’s time to stop beating ourselves up for all the things we’re not doing and should be doing. It’s time to let go a little. If you’re going to do something, be fully there, do it, experience it, and then let go, knowing that it too shall pass.

I like this insight of letting balance happen, but I do think we should create space in our lives for things we love, but perhaps that’s another topic altogether.

Now go out and kiss that hottie or swim in the ocean or drink that bottle of excellent vino…… Just do it totally.


  1. It is the middle path which holds peace. And, as I just read, you can’t force it or you will just keep missing it. Thanks for this great post. Good to start my day!

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